Leader as a student

If you are such a great leader then why do you need a coach or a mentor?  Well you are great BECAUSE you have a coach or a mentor! Can Usain Bolt’s coach run as fast as he can? Of course not! But he can apply experience and techniques that help to bring the best out in his students’ performance.  From Presidents to Athletes to CEOs – all increase their capacity to lead through building on the wisdom and experience of others. They are a reflection of those around them.  So what are whom are you reflecting? Take a look at your immediate circle.  Are you the one doing the building? Who is building you? Are you the one advising and steering? Who is steering you? Who are the people in your life who do not wish to remain popular and in your favour – the ones who will tell you as it is? No one? Then find them!  Good leaders listen and learn as well as lead – Great leaders are not afraid to reflect and act on advice.