Leadership Insights & Themes

This is an introduction to the various categories that I post under. You can find the categories in a drop down menu to the right hand side of the page or at the bottom. I welcome your comments.

Leadership Insights

Being in charge does not necessarily make you a leader. So what does? Look out for new leadership insights – you’ll find them in the categories drop down menu at the bottom of the page…

Organisations and Teams

Starting something? Joining something? Changing something? At some point in our lives one of these will apply to us all. What do we need to consider at each stage of our journey so that we can enjoy, participate and succeed?

Personal Effectiveness

Ever wondered why some people work very hard and never get recognition?

What makes people pay you attention?

What characterises victorious thought?

What is it about a person that exudes power and authority or the opposite?

Definitions and Terminology

Here you can find definitions on key terms – some of them quite philosophical in content. Some may be my own – if not the source will be credited. Everything is up for debate so I look forward to receiving your comments.

Random but Relevant

For the times I need to digress, off load and say something that you may find interesting or useful. Not necessarily related to the leadership theme and I’m not attempting shoe horn it to fit either. Enjoy!


Little gems – the one liners that can change a life, a course or a moment!

To be honest…..

Semi biographical rants and ramblings. Observations I care to share with you. Enjoy!