Know thyself!

Ever met that person in charge who wants to do everything? Wants to micromanage your role? You’re there to do a job but they always want to veto what you do or how you do it? In Leadership, delegation and trust are two important aspects that enable teams to grow, confidence to be built and harmony to flourish. As a leader it’s important to know your limitations and respect the skills and talents of others. It’s important to ask the right questions to those who have a better handle on the nuances of the task or knowledge area. They’ll appreciate your interest and willingness to learn. This increases their respect for you. Good leaders build teams that also seek to fill gaps in their own expertise without feeling threatened by their  own deficits. Good leaders build teams where potential leaders and successors will emerge – they also have some of the skills necessary for the mission. Building a team of YES people is a sure way towards disaster – so be very thorough in checking yourself and your motivations for inclusion of others into your team and its mission.