No Harm in Going Back to the Drawing Board!

We talk about the importance of having mentors and coaches in our lives but how many of us have one? Even if you  are not in business or some other field where it may seem more fitting, like being a sports person, having some sort of adviser, sounding board, development facilitator in your life is very important – even if you are not sure which direction to take and especially if you are not sure which direction to take!

Having a mentor, coach or the occasional consultant in your life is as valuable as the pastoral well-being support you may get through a counsellor, therapist or the like. Having engaged a range of consultants over the years (yes consultants also need consultancy!) I can categorically say it has changed the direction of my life and the mindset I was operating with, drastically and for the better!


More recently it has brought me to the point that I needed to review everything I was doing and consider whether I had the right product and team. It could have been like ‘Oh I have spent so much money already – no going back!’ But you know what? Sometimes you have to go back to the drawing board and say – ‘Well I’ve learned a thing or two and this simply cannot go on!’ And in doing so I felt no sense of failure at all! Just a renewed excitement and to an extent relief – the consultant had said some of the things I think the team was previously finding difficult to hear. So there was a degree of vindication too.

I stand by my word and previous blogs! We sometimes have to flirt with failure in order to rise from the ashes of stagnation and lack.  You may say ‘well I can’t afford these types – they cost a packet?’ Not necessarily! Think about pro bono work and what you can offer in return for someone else’s ear that you can bend!  There’s also lots of free webinars and downloads that can play that role to a great extent. You need something/someone that will ask you searching and challenging questions (Like a coach) or give you great advice and guidance – like a mentor or consultant would do.

Four pieces of advice:

  1. Be clear about what you need from your one to one/team session(s)
  2. Give the person as much background in advance as needed to help them to help you
  3. Try and preempt  some things they may ask you (as if you were in a job interview) and prepare your answers
  4. Be open to being open – or you are wasting yours and their time!

The Drawing Board is a place where personal growth takes place – embrace it!

Drawing board is where it happens.jpg