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To be Popular or Principled?

So here’s the thing.  Leadership often demands that you make unpopular decisions. It’s a bit like being a parent sometimes where you make decisions for your children and they’ll sulk, protest, plead but… Continue reading

‘Managers do things right – Leaders do the right thing’

Some food for thought on the distinctions between a manager and a leader

Wanna Be Starting Something?

These are the critical 10! Solid foundations or starting points are critical to the success of the mission. Addressing these ‘criticals’ will potentially save a lot of heartache and minimise the risk of failure.

What do you look like?

No I  don’t mean that in a ‘flippin’ ‘eck ark at her/him’ kind of way.  But when it comes down to it in many cases, personal presence is a key factor to your… Continue reading

Qualities of an Effective Leader

What do you admire about great leaders? What qualities do they have that you want to mirror?


We all have it!  But how big is yours?  Does it get in the way of your ability to lead? Do you often: Decide not to heed sound advice or ideas just because… Continue reading

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership – a definition: “The servant-leader is servant first… It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead.… Continue reading

Activist Leadership

Activist Leadership – a definition Activist leadership is leadership which supports individuals or groups to undertake intentional efforts, programmes or activities to promote, impede, or bring about social, political, economic, cultural or environmental… Continue reading


What is power? Is it a dirty word for you? Is it something you are resistant to? If you are then how does this impact on your ability to lead? Well here’s the… Continue reading

Leader as a student

If you are such a great leader then why do you need a coach or a mentor?  Well you are great BECAUSE you have a coach or a mentor! Can Usain Bolt’s coach… Continue reading