Disingenuous Leadership

They come in many shapes and forms! On this occasion I am talking about the leader who preys on the ignorance of the people to position themselves as being a central player in a team or theme that they have previously shown very little interest at all! But you know what the theme has become a hot topic so they got to be seen to be not just in it but take centre stage! Opportunists!! The leader knows that the people hang on their ever so  charismatic words and don’t do much critical reflection or research so it’s easy to convince them to do or support something. It isn’t necessarily that it’s the right thing to do but it’s the right thing for him, his ego and profile.  This is worse than the baby kissing politician!! This is worse because large groups of people are being used to promote the hidden agenda of an individual.  What can you do about it? Ask questions, challenge, ask for evidence of the case being put, make demands!  Don’t be led unless you are certain of where you are being led and why and that you are OK with it. Don’t be a sheeple!