The Microwave Era!

The Microwave era! I love that phrase! It really speaks to  a value and a mindset of wanting everything quickly and without much labour.  For me it also sums up the need, in the 21st century for some aspect of technology to be involved in everything we do. As a 50 year old woman, I’m kind of caught between this and the old school mindset.  The overhead projector replaced by the power point.  The chalk board to whiteboard to smartboard to smartphone – signs of progression and slicker productions but what has happened to the cultivation of thought through writing with pen and paper?  What has been the impact of the microwave mindset on current generations? What is the impact on the quality human relationships? Are we talking less and emailing or texting  our neighbours more? What does the microwave era teach us about gaining something through struggle, sacrifice and trial and error?  Can learning those unique things that build character be accelerated?